About Netcore

Netcore Ltd was formed in 2010 as a premium brand, specialising in providing IT automation, management services, email security services, servers, and networks. Netcore is a member of the Computer Troubleshooters group.

Computer Troubleshooters (CTS or CT) is the world’s largest network of franchise owners providing onsite computer services to small and medium sized businesses. Launched in 1997, Computer Troubleshooters now has more than 475 franchisees worldwide in more than 20 countries.

In Mid 2006 the CTS Global office decided to introduce a new strategy to its franchisees, in terms of significantly altering the way they carried out business with their customers.

Service in the Computer support industry had traditionally been performed on a break/fix relationship and was accounted for on a time and materials basis. That is, the customer would experience a malfunction or support issue, then initiate a service request to their IT support provider to solve the problem. The service provider would then travel to the customer’s site and charge for the time and materials used to remedy the issue.

A customer once remarked “I have to pay you every time my network goes down, how do I know you’re really trying to solve my problems?” (Reaves, 2010)

The new strategy Business Enhanced Support Technology (B.E.S.T.) was intended to turn this relationship upside down and provide a situation whereby the CTS franchisees would undertake to provide network support to their customers for a flat monthly rate regardless of the issues and malfunctions the customers experienced.  Coupled with this was a compelling world’s first “No downtime guarantee”, where we pay the customer if their site experiences an outage.